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Think Better. Feel Better. Be Better.

The Story

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There’s a growing awareness of the negative impact of too much alcohol and sugar in our diets and alcohol consumption has dropped in the last decade. However, there aren’t popular spaces known to offer more grown-up choices for the population who totally or periodically want to abstain from alcohol.

UnBAR wants to feed that need …we are versatile. Today most social connections outside of the bar and nightclub scene happen in private homes or at restaurants. We have created a new normal that demonstrates fun and entertainment that can happen absent of alcohol.


The vibe in UnBAR boasts all good with positive inspirational art and energy throughout our store! Yes, we are anchored in a coffee shop business model but we extend our vibe into one that is similar to a cool lounge, for an upscale chill space that is both sophisticated, casual and so much fun.

I want my guest to visit frequently whether its solo, with friends for a game night, or an intimate date at a poetry slam.


We at UnBAR look forward to seeing you!

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The Think better. Feel better. Be better. Place

UnBAR Cafe is a hybrid space for entertainment and socializing without the nightclub stigma and is non-alcoholic. You can enjoy a modern and chill lounge with special non-alcoholic cocktails, coffee, fruit smoothies, baked goods, hor d’ourves, and more! We also have events like yoga, karaoke, and board games. 

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“New Normal”

What to do when you’re not drinking

We are a Non-Alcohol Lounge with Modern, trendy, upscale, fun, interesting and chill vibes.

UnBAR is Mindful drinking 

Sophisticated Alcohol-free drinks that will have you saying, 'I can’t believe it’s not alcohol!' and 'I love the ingredients!'.

Community Hub - Meetings, Workshops, Fairs
Social Gathering & Networking
Diverse Entertainment -
Karaoke, Spoken Word, Board Games & more!

A Unique Space for All

A hybrid space with entertainment and social connectedness without the nightclub stigma is a need currently being filled by restaurants or home hosted events.

Many millennials and generation Z are drinking less booze than the generations that came before them, causing many manufacturers, pubs and bars-including some of the world’s top establishments- to develop non-alcoholic drinks to cater to them.

That's where UnBar Cafe comes in!

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Free Wi-fi with minimum purchase

Diverse and inclusive entertainment all ages (monthly calendar)


Free meeting space with minimum purchase / per hour duration

(5+ participants)

Comprehensive light fare food menu

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Customer Loyalty programs


Teens, Seniors, Children, Couples, Singles


We offer beautiful outdoor seating in addition to multiple seating areas, a meeting room that can be reserved for your convenience.

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